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student executive function coaching

Function Coaching.

Empowering students with
strategies for learning success

Why Executive Functions?

Executive functions are the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills students need for learning. Students with strong executive functioning skills can regulate their actions and emotions, plan and get organized, and sustain attention.

Many struggling students are capable of understanding academic content and could be successful, if only they could find their materials, focus on their lessons, manage their emotions, remember information, or get started on their work.

Executive Functions

Why Coaching?

Executive function skills affect learning in countless ways, and many students have not yet developed the habits to become successful learners. We remind our students to stop losing things, pay attention, and start their work, but the problem is that they often don’t know HOW to do what we are asking of them.

Coaching utilizes the expertise of professional educators to help students develop the skills they need to become confident, lifelong learners who finally begin to achieve the academic success they didn’t know was possible.

Why Lively Minds?

We understand the feelings that come from knowing your student is capable of learning success, if only they could develop strategies and systems for reaching their potential.

At Lively Minds Institute, it is our passion to empower students by teaching strategies and then applying those strategies to develop habits for continued learning. Since 2012, our talented, committed team of coaches have been helping students find their motivation, take ownership of their learning, and become successful, contributing members of society.

Ready to give your student the tools to succeed?