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Executive Function Goals

The Cerebrate curriculum addresses eight executive function skills that are broken down into three categories: behavioral, emotional, and cognitive. Behavioral skills include self-control and self-monitor, while emotional skills involve flexibility and emotional control. Cognitive skills encompass task initiation, working memory, planning, and organization. The following generalized goals provide a general overview of the concepts covered within each executive function.


  1. Think and consider consequences before acting
  2. Make choices for preferred results
  3. Stop undesirable actions and act appropriately


  1. Understand strengths and areas for growth
  2. Make sure work is neat and complete
  3. Be aware of how actions and words affect others


  1. Transition from one activity to the next
  2. Adapt to changes in topics and schedules
  3. Try new approaches to solve problems

Emotional Control

  1. Manage reactions and responses to problems
  2. Understand thoughts and feelings in different situations
  3. Identify emotions and effectively use coping skills

Task Initiation

  1. Plan and begin tasks independently
  2. Brainstorm and expand ideas
  3. Find strategies and steps to solve a problem

Working Memory

  1. Remember information and directions
  2. Recognize distractions and stay focused
  3. Redirect work and complete tasks


  1. Understand time estimation and analysis
  2. Create systems for managing tasks and projects
  3. Develop plans for time and goals


  1. Manage backpacks, binders, desks and learning materials
  2. Develop checklists and systems for keeping track
  3. Create a productive workspace and environment

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Science of Instruction

The Cerebrate curriculum is firmly grounded in scientific principles, and the incorporation of seven best practices for executive function instruction are based on the leading research within the field of executive function. These elements are integrated into every lesson, ensuring students are genuinely developing the skills necessary for successful learning.















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