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Stop Procrastinating Action Kit

Have you ever had a hard time getting started on a project? Do you think of any other things to do instead of starting? Procrastination is a common problem that keep us from being productive. It also makes a project take much longer than it should, which takes away…

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How Can I Remember Memory Kit

Have you ever needed to remember a list of words, but you weren’t sure how to memorize them? Have you ever struggled to remember what the teacher said for an important exam? Understanding memory strategies and knowing when to use them is an important part of learning. You need…

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Getting Control Problem Solving Kit

When you feel frustrated, angry, worried, or upset, how do you react? Do your reactions sometimes get you in trouble, create problems with your friends, or make learning more difficult? Understanding what you can do in situations that cause a negative emotion helps you react in a more positive…

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Think Outside The Box Idea Kit

One very important skill for learning is the ability to think about ideas in many different ways. Flexible thinking helps you be open to learning new concepts, think of different solutions to problems, and understand other people’s ideas. If you aren’t used to thinking about ideas in different ways,…

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Confidence Over Anxiety Tool Kit

Have you ever frozen while taking a test?  Have you answered questions incorrectly even when you knew the right answers?  Have you gotten extreme tension before and during an exam? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it is likely that you have experienced test anxiety at some point…

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Final Exam Survival Guide

Final exams are overwhelming for many students, but they don’t have to be with some good preparation and test day strategies.  The Final Exam Survival Guide gives students just what they need to know how to prepare for the big days ahead.

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