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28 Phrases Parents Should Use to Empower Their Children

As parents, it is very difficult to watch our children become defeated and struggle with self-esteem, yet it is a common issue that we are all faced with at some point.  When kids get defeated, they often turn the feeling inward and start to question themselves and their abilities.  It is essential for them to hear from people they trust in times like this, and our words become especially powerful.   We can help our children realize how valuable they are based on who they are – their thoughts, ideas, internal strengths, and efforts.  Don’t simply offer false praise because they can see right through that, and it will likely cause more harm than good.  Instead, try some of the 28 meaningful phrases below that will help your child develop a sense of confidence and empowerment.  When you say it, mean it and make sure your actions show it.

Confident Child

  1. You are valuable.
  2. I accept who you are.
  3. I’m listening to you.
  4. I’m excited to see your idea.
  5. Let’s try your way.
  6. You make me proud.
  7. I like you.
  8. I appreciate your opinion.
  9. Your hard work is paying off.
  10. I love how you said that.
  11. What do you think?
  12. You never cease to amaze me.
  13. You are so generous.
  14. I love being your parent.
  15. You can say no.
  16. I know you tried your best.
  17. I love your creativity.
  18. You are so kind.
  19. It was an accident.
  20. You did a good job.
  21. Your ideas are very important.
  22. I admire you.
  23. That decision took a lot of courage.
  24. I trust you.
  25. You make me a better person.
  26. I learn so much from you.
  27. You made a mistake, and that’s ok.
  28. I believe in you.